Friday, October 16, 2009

Slipper Fever

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When it comes to buying stuff for myself, I'm the the type who doesn't care about how much I spend as long as I feel satisfaction when it comes the product's quality. Here are some brands which I personally think makes great slippers:

Havaianas flipflops are really great and comfy. It is made of Brazilian rubber so those who have sensitive skin like me will never have red marks on their feet.

The thing is this brand's flipflops have prices that ranges from P800-P2,000. So for those with a tight budget, this probably isn't a good choice. But if quality is a big thing for you, then this is definitely an option.

Another Brazilian brand is Ipanema, which makes a good substitute for Havaianas. It is also made of Brazilian rubber so the comfort you feel when wearing Havaianas flipflops is the same as when you're wearing Ipanema flipflops. I think what Ipanema has over Havaianas is that their designs are much more appealing to teenagers. Their styles are much more complicated which matches the taste of most youngsters.

The prices of Ipanema flipflops are somehow similar with Havaianas, so if you want it then you better start saving.

Another brand that caught my attention is Grendha. Well, guess what? It's Brazilian! Hahaha. Okay so, I'm not very much familiar with Grendha flipflops but I definitely think that it's as good as Havaianas and Ipanema. You see, if we talk about quality, I think these three fairly matches each other. I guess they only differ when it comes to design.

I have heard that Grendha's bestsellers are jellies though I'm not so sure about that. You might as well check those babies out. Well, what's great about Grendha is that they also sell shoes and sandals aside from flipflops.

Okay so, if you have a tight budget and you wanna look fab, then there's a lot of cheaper brands to choose from. There's Toeberries, Banana Peel and Planet which all sell flipflops with prices ranging from P99-P300. All have cool designs but just as what you expect from cheaper brands, most of their prints fade when you use the flipflops too often plus some of their slippers actually hurt my feet. Well, that's because my skin is bad and it's too sensitive but for those who actually have good and normal skin, this might just work well for you.=D

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